Payday Loans for Housewives: online loan without paychecks

Let’s find out the best payday loans for housewives : everything you need to know about the payday loans without paychecks offered by the main lenders. We will analyze the main features of the online payday loans offered, with repayment installments and interest rates calculated using some examples of an estimate.

Payday loans for Housewives: how they work and guarantees required

The main obstacle that must be overcome to obtain a personal payday loan and from any bank is that of the guarantees required. Housewives are among the customers who may find it more difficult to apply for the desired payday loan. The reason is very simple, and comes from the fact that housewives do not receive a salary, so they will have to get a payday loan without a paycheck, often complicated to obtain. Fortunately there are many banks and financial companies that offer this category of customers the possibility to access the desired credit. Obviously in any case it will be necessary to possess some minimum requirements , and in particular each company establishes in its own regulation alternative guarantees to the paycheck . Through these guarantees housewives and even the unemployed can finally receive the desired financing. So let’s see what are the alternative guarantees that usually allow us to obtain an online payday loan without a paycheck, addressing one of the major banks and financial institutions.

First of all, among Italian housewives there are many who receive a pension , although not particularly high. You will be pleased to know that in this case it is very likely that there will be no problem in obtaining the desired financing. The pension received is in fact a guarantee equal to the paycheck, as it is a fixed income insured every month. For this reason housewives who receive a pension can easily have access to the so-called sale of the fifth . This type of payday loan is characterized by monthly installments that do not exceed one fifth of the pension: for this reason the amount that can be requested will depend precisely on the net pension received. However, not all housewives have the advantage of receiving a pension. So how do you get a payday loan without a paycheck and without a pension ? In this case it will be more complicated but still possible, provided that certain requirements are met.

In order to receive a payday loan without paychecks for housewives it is necessary that the applicant can demonstrate to receive a minimum fixed income . For example, it is possible that you receive a monthly income deriving from the rent of a property , or even that occasional work carried out with a general receipt is carried out. In short, it is necessary to demonstrate to the bank that it has monthly revenues that allow it to face the repayment installments that will be fixed. It should be stressed that in the absence of “strong guarantees” the amount of money to which you can have access will not be particularly high, as the bank will not be willing to risk too much on our profile. Furthermore, in order to be able to access online payday loans without paychecks for housewives, the presentation of a guarantor is required. The latter must sign the payday loan agreement together with the beneficiary of the payday loan, committing himself to take over any unpaid repayment installments. Usually the guarantor must necessarily possess an income document attesting the payment capacity of the installments. In the next few paragraphs we will analyze the online payday loan options offered by some of the major lenders, in order to compare their characteristics and allow you to easily identify the best payday loan for housewives according to your needs.

Online payday loans: the best options for housewives

The first company for which we analyze the characteristics of online payday loans without payroll is . The description of the products available on the financial website allows us to get an idea about the main features. First of all, the first characteristic that catches the eye concerns the delivery times. The Agos online payday loans are in fact provided within only 48 hours : for this reason it is probably the best solution for all those who need a certain amount in an extremely short time. The payday loans for housewives offered by are perfect for any need. The amount that can be requested varies from a minimum of only € 500 up to a maximum of € 30,000 . As previously stated, the amount of money you will have access to will depend mainly on the guarantees you can present to the bank and in particular on your pension or income from rent or occasional work.

By choosing the online payday loans without paycheck you can take advantage of some very useful services. First of all, the request mode is very simple and it will take a few minutes to complete it. At the time of request it is possible to choose the duration according to what are your needs, from a minimum of 12 months up to 120 months . Based on the amount requested and the chosen duration, the monthly payment and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates will be defined. After starting to pay the fixed repayment installments, you can also change the characteristics of your payday loan. There are two services that allow us to personalize the Agos personal payday loan for housewives. The first is the one that allows us to skip the installment , postponing the payment at the end of the repayment. This service is very useful for example if in a certain month you have to face some expenses for which it becomes complicated to make payment of the installment. The second service available is instead the one that allows us to change the duration , resulting in a change in the monthly repayment installment.