Payday loans: cash within 48 hours

Payday loans are the most frequently requested financial formulas

These are ways that respond to the need for immediate liquidity, ensuring liquidity within 48 hours: an agile and convenient solution, since it allows to meet a very strict need, without having to observe long bureaucratic procedures of request results.

The payday loan request can be forwarded either to your branch , or by relying on the many offers sponsored by the dedicated websites.
Thanks to modern online platforms, financial institutions and lenders have the opportunity to streamline procedures – including verification of credentials of access by the contractor – in times really fast, if not immediate.
With this in mind, online loan sites are able to communicate the outcome of the loan application within a maximum of two days; in fact, the normal funding requires about a week for the applicant to know the outcome of his request.
The rapid personal loan is not a finalized formula: it must not therefore be justified to the bank.
The sum disbursed can be, at the discretionary, destined to the purchase of an asset, a restructuring or other expense items, which you are not required to explain to your bank .

Payday loans: who is the ideal applicant?

In general, payday loans allow access to a small amount of liquidity – up to € 5,000 – in immediate times and without a guarantor.
In general, however, the demonstrability of a good income and credit profile is provable: payday loans are in fact granted to those who are able to demonstrate a safe economic income, such as the paycheck (for the hired worker) or the monthly fee ( for the pensioner).
Two other fundamental prerequisites are a good credit profile and the non-presence in the CRIF registers, that is the register of protestants.
It is clear, therefore, that in order to access such loan formulas it is necessary to present certain guarantees, demonstrating a stable income situation: in this way the institution has sufficient elements to formulate a clear evaluation

Access to the loan without guarantees: in which cases?

Usually on a pivotal basis for access to a loan quickly, it has a good creditworthiness.
However, there are financial institutions and lenders that offer payday loans without guarantees.
This occurs when the amount requested is low: the intercession of a third party (guarantor) or other forms of guarantee is therefore not necessary.
In such cases, the constraint is represented by the signing of an insurance policy to protect both parties involved: the institute, which does not solicit guarantees to the contractor and exposes itself to a – albeit marginal – risk situation, and the applicant, that could find unexpected circumstances dictated by the work situation and be in a position not to honor the payment.

Quick loans usually have a decidedly low financial ceiling and therefore do not require strong guarantees.

Access a loan in 24 or 48 hours

At the time of opening the file (online or at the counter) it is necessary to have all the necessary documents (tax code, identity card, cud, six-monthly account statement, pay slip), in order to make the provision of funding more fluid. .
If the request is approved, the credit institution will credit the requested amount to the current account.

The truth about how to borrow quickly

On paper, getting a loan on time is simple: there are many credit institutions that sponsor fast presidents ensuring liquidity within two working days.
In fact, however, the sponsored timing refers to the procedure of evaluation and granting of the loan; the actual payment, as often performed via credit to the bank or postal account, always requires additional time.
Therefore, in some cases it is possible to obtain financing in only 24/48 hours, in cases where they offer tangible and immediate guarantees, which therefore do not put the bank in a position to carry out a more complex assessment.
A second way to speed up the procedure is to rely on fast online loans.

Payday loans: the solutions offered by the network

As mentioned, the institutions that prove most effective in terms of payday loans are those online.
The offer of payday loans online is very wide: to get money quickly you can contact either financial institutions or companies that operate on the Internet.
The process of evaluation and provision of a payday loan is in fact more streamlined than that required for the request for a personal loan.